FANS, FRIENDS, AND FAMILY….I had a great time playing 3 sets worth of songs at Krapil’s – Chicago, last Friday. The crowd was absolutely packed with different parties, and I think / hope I was able to cater to all in the house; with a favorite. I love gigging, recording, writing, performing. Thanks fans for keeping me going all these years!

Just a reminder, if you have any parties, celebrations or graduations that you’re looking for a singer / acoustic guitarist  – shoot me an email and let’s book it! If you need more samples, just click on my Amazon or ReverbNation banner for my EP and samples. And just (another) reminder – for each Nebulous album purchased through Amazon or iTunes, 25% of the net proceeds will go directly to Leukemia research and recovery (from 11/5/2015 – 12/31/2016). For only spending $5 and some change, you can’t really argue with that. I will provide more details the closer we get to that date.Krapils December 11th (3) Krapils December 11th